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Seattle, WA – October 1, 2023 – Bold Street, a leader in data and analytics for real estate investments for real estate agents, has secured significant funding from Cision Capital, the real estate investment firm led by Colin Brechbill as COO. Additionally, Colin is joining the Bold Street advisory board as a Product Advisor.

Strategic Expansion and Technological Advancement

This move marks a significant expansion for Bold Street, as it includes Colin joining the Bold Street Advisory Board as a Product Advisor. Colin brings a wealth of knowledge and experience at how to build software for residential agents, investors, and professionals. Cison’s investments and Colin’s experience are set to enhance Bold Street’s analytical capabilities, offering more profound and more actionable insights to real estate investors and agents.

Colin Brechbill, the visionary behind Cision Capital, has a history of identifying and nurturing technology-driven ventures. “Our investment in Bold Street aligns with our commitment to foster innovation in the real estate sector. We are excited to see how this synergy will revolutionize the market,” said Brechbill.

A New Era for Real Estate Analytics

Bold Street’s Bold Agent Platform is expected to bring a new level of efficiency and precision to real estate investment analytics and powering real estate agents. “This is a game-changer for us,” said Chris, CEO of Bold Street. “With Cision Capital’s support and Colin’s product knowledge, we are poised to offer unmatched services for real estate agents working with residential investors.”

About Bold Street

Bold Street is at the forefront of transforming real estate investment strategies through data and analytics. By leveraging advanced technologies, Bold Street provides institutional investors and real estate agents with critical insights for informed decision-making.

About Cision Capital and Colin Brechbill

Cision Capital, led by Colin Brechbill, is a distinguished real estate investment firm that empowers technology-centric startups. Brechbill’s expertise in identifying potential and driving growth has positioned Cision Capital as a key player in the investment community.

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