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1 out of 3 homes sold now involves a residential investor and this number has been going up year over year! This represents 10s of billions of dollars per year dedicated to residential investing.

Agents are building enduring businesses even in this market with residential investors.

Welcome to your next level in real estate agent success. The Bold Agent Platform is the only residential investment platform focused on real estate agents. Our platform helps you:

  1. Find New Investor Clients
  2. Automatically Match the Best Deal to the Right Investor
  3. Close Sales with Next-Gen Tools


1. Find New Investor Clients

The right investors are the perfect clients because they are:

  • Repeat buyers
  • Not emotional
  • Not as sensitive to interest rates
  • Work weekdays


However, investors are picky about who they work. A simple page on a corporate website, or an outdated, clunky website just won’t cut it. Investors will take one look at those sites and move on.

To find new investor clients and establish credibility, you absolutely need a professional, website. A modern website shows you know how to work with investors.

The Bold Agent Platform comes with a professional, clean and modern looking website that is geared towards the investor. Check out the demo site


The site includes:

  • Investor-centric web pages about buying and selling in your local market
  • Local market insights
  • Investor-friendly IDX listings including cap rates and an investor calculator
  • 3 blog articles on topics local investors would be interested to read
  • Testimonials
  • Video introduction to your business


The Bold Websites are optimized for Google down to the local areas you serve. Further, when investors land on your site, they will be impressed with the content. They will know you know how to work with them.

2. Automatically Match Deals

One of the biggest challenges working with investors is the investor math to underwrite each listing to every investors’ unique requirements. The Bold Agent Platform makes this process easy and efficient. The Platform includes:

  • MLS filters
  • Unlimited investor buy boxes
  • Investor financial lending requirements
  • Automatic underwriting for any new deal
  • Off-market address lookup
  • Automatic comparables
  • Comparable builder
  • Offer pipeline management
The Bold Agent Platform nurtures investor clients by sending them relevant deals. Once investors are ready to buy, you jump in to work the sale. We handle the math, so you can focus on the sales.

3. Close More Sales

Closing investor sales depends on swift and efficient communication and offer management.

The Bold Agent Platform helps you close more sales with:

  • Professional Investor Portal
  • Investor / Agent communication
  • Auto Deal Send specific to each investor
  • Drip marketing with deal of the week and local reports
  • Offer management
  • Agent team assignment to underwritten listings and active offers
  • Support for SMS
  • Mobile-friendly pages
  • English and spanish language support
The Bold Agent Platform will help you close more sales, look amazing in your investors’ eyes, and build a thriving agent business in any market condition.

The Bold Academy & Bold Agent Platform

Gain access to the Bold Academy, a revolutionary course by Jude Rasmus, Atlanta’s #1 Agent in Transactions. Learn insider strategies on attracting new investors, matching deals, and closing sales more efficiently.

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Testimonials from Successful Agents

  • Generated over $120k/year in sales from only 8 investor clients using the techniques and tools provided. Thank you! – Marielle, Atlanta GA
  • Bold Street is a lifeline! We needed the Bold Investor Agent Platform to capture this part of the market” – Lizette, Orlando FL
  • This is phenomenal! Our Dallas agents were blown away.” – Charlie, Broker, Dallas TX
  • Bold Academy Brilliance. The insights and strategies I’ve gained from Jude Rasmus’s course have already resulted in two major sales. It’s a game-changer.” – Michael T.
  • Deal Matching Genius – The Bold Agent Platform has made finding the right properties for my investors incredibly straightforward. The automated matching is a dream come true.” – Priya S.
  • Everything I Needed From lead generation to detailed investor projections, this platform has everything an agent working with investors could need. Highly recommend!” – Ethan K.

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