The #1 Agent Platform to grow sales with residential investors

  • Embeddable Investor-Friendly IDX Widget
  • Auto-matching of deals to investors
  • Professional investor portal and communication
  • Pre-calculated investor return projections
  • Offer management

Find New Investors

The Bold Agent Platform starts with powering lead generation of new investor clients. The platform tools for lead gen includes:

  • Embeddable Investor-Friendly ROI IDX Plugin geared towards investors to generate leads from your website
  • Investor Focused Website for agents who want a web presence specifically for investors
  • Drip Marketing with Deal of the Week, Market Reports and more
  • Academy Emails and Courses to guide you on nurturing your networks to drive more investor clients

Find Investor Deals

With your new and existing investors, the platform helps you quickly identify working investment opportunities and push those deals to your clients. Platform tools include:

  • Auto-Underwriting of MLS and off-market listings against investor buy boxes
  • Manage Buy Boxes across different markets and investors to efficiently group deals by what works
  • Manage Filters to search MLS and off-market deals according to complex investor property characteristics
  • Property and Market Data for each property to give you and your investors everything you need to make intelligent decisions
  • Decision Matrix for each listing and against each buy box to quickly at a glance tell if a particular listing works for any of your clients
  • Academy Emails and Courses to guide you on setting up filters and buy boxes to optimize deal flow

Close Sales

The Bold Agent Platform helps you close more sales with:

  • Investor Portal – push workable deals to investors with their own login where they can adjust offer price, projected rent and rehab numbers
  • Cash flow projections – agents and investors can view 10 year cash flow projections to make informed decisions, quickly
  • Agent/Investor communication – investor can easily communicate with their agent through the platform
  • Manage Offers – agents can manage and track offers through the platform to move more offers to close

Knowledge Academy

Residential real estate is a deep domain. The Bold Agent Platform guides you with knowledge and training from the best to support you in developing this market segment. Our knowledge academy and support includes:

  • Marketing – email, social and other marketing data, materials and ideas to help you consistently provide value
  • Underwriting Best Practices – the best techniques to find profitable deals for your investors in any market
  • Investor and Agent Interviews – direct conversations with individual and institutional investors and the agents that serve them
  • Community Introductions – hear from community members and mentors on a range of topics including creative financing like Subject To, how to work with institutional investors, organizing investor referral meetups and more

Community Off-market Deals

The Bold Community provides access to a wealth of on and off-market opportunities including:

  • BTR – Build-to-Rent communities and scattered site development
  • Investor Portfolio deals from specialty brokerages
  • Property Management deals from managers working with clients looking to sell properties
  • Contractor Fix-and-Flip deals from GCs rehab’ing fix and flip projects
  • Institutional Buyers looking for experienced investor agents

Get started

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