Looking for training and strategies that help agents be quickly effective in the new realtor landscape?

Learn the latest in AI marketing tactics and working with high-net-worth investors to drive new sales in this market

The world of realty is going through a landmark transformation and agents that are ahead of the curve will not only survive but thrive in the new market. Those agents who don’t… won’t.

Bold Street is invested in the success of local real estate agents and brokers and we know staying relevant has never been more important.

There are 2 trends that are having an outsized impact on residential real estate: AI and Residential Investors. Agents that stay ahead will learn how to utilize AI in marketing and sales and how to work with the fastest growing market segment, investors.

Artificial Intelligence’s impact on Agents

“…a survey of small business owners implementing AI technologies reveals significant benefits: enhanced operational efficiency (82%), improved competitiveness against larger firms (77%), mitigated cost increases (69%), and sustained growth even under challenging conditions (69%).” (Orion Policy Institute)

The agents who implement AI into their business now will experience outsized returns and protect themselves from market volatility. 

Bold Street offers 1 hour courses in AI for Realtors:

  • The AI Powered Realtor – This course offers practical hands-on training for realtors to start leveraging AI. Realtors will come out of the course able to use several AI techniques to power marketing, sales and market research.
  • Advanced AI for Realtors – This course is a deep dive into the rapidly expanding ecosystem of AI products. Realtors will learn how to produce marketing material and videos for their website and social accounts, how to do advanced market research, and leverage AI in lead nurturing sales pipelines.
  • Agentic AI for Realtors – The latest development in AI is the use of “agents” (no not real estate agents, AI Agents). Using Agentic AI, realtors can string different AI “bots” together to perform complex tasks that can be leverages for marketing, sales, and market analysis.


The Residential Investor Boom

“Investors bought a third of US homes for sale in January, the highest percentage in at least a decade, a new analysis says…  [John Burns Research” (Business Insider)

Most of these investors (contrary to what the public media suggests) are small investors, many of whom are high-net-worth individuals. Large institutions own only 3% of the single-family rentals on the market tho that share is growing.

The investor market is growing year-over-year and 10s of billions is poised to enter the space each year. Agents who ignore investors as a major market segment limit their options and are subject to more volatility and questions to the value they provide.

Agents who learn how to effectively work with investors, add repeat, non-emotional, professional buyers and sellers to their client list. These Investor Agents provide exceptional value even to their family buyers who may want to know how much the property they are purchasing will rent for when they size up one day. Agents who know how investment math and language work and what tools they can leverage to underwrite properties to investor needs are at a distinct advantage in the market. These realtors have the ability to make more reliable sales and provide overwhelming value and building an enduring client roster.

Bold Street specializes in training agents how to work with investors. The Bold Training one-hour courses include:

  • Take Advantage of the Investor Boom by working with Residential Investors – This course trains realtors on the basics of why investors make such a good client, how to qualify the good investors from the time-wasting investors, and how to speak investor language to nurture better clients.
  • How to Find Investor Clients – This course is a prospecting and lead nurturing class. Unlike the family buyer market, investor “leads” are developed differently and have a much greater value since they are likely repeat buyers and sellers. We review how to market to investors, how to find new leads and how to nurture leads with market analysis.
  • Advanced Underwriting Techniques – This course focuses on how to underwrite listings against various investor requirements properly. We will review setting up buy boxes, understanding investor assumptions, rehab estimations, impact of neighborhood criteria and providing 10-year cash flow projections.

What Agents Are Saying

“Bold Street is a lifeline!”
“We need these kinds of trainings and solutions to move forward.”

  • Lizette – Broker at Lifetime Realty, Orlando FL

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