Certified Agent Network for SFR

Certified Agent Network

Find local agents trained and certified in the intricacies of individual and institutional SFR buying. Find the best opportunities and transact skillfully with our local agents.

The Challenge

Investors require local agents on the ground to both find opportunities and complete transactions. Most agents have never worked with an SFR Fund and do not understand the intricacies of working with in-house analysts and aquisition managers. We train and certify high performing agents in how to buy for institutional SFR Funds. Our training program is built by one of the top SFR Fund brokers in the country and brings the highest quality best practices to your buying requirements.

Top Performing Agents for SFR Buying

Identify Top Performers

Our data and analytics platform helps us identify the best agents in the country with the right background and performance who will excel in SFR Fund buying.

Agent Training for SFR Buying


Our training program focuses on how to understand SFR Fund buy boxes, identify and submit opportunities, work with in-house analysts and managers, negotiate and close opportunities.

Agent Certification for SFR Buying


Our agents have completed our training program and demonstrated the requisite knowledge and experience to buy for our customers.

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