MLS Listings

Any MLS, near-real time, unified and standardized

The Challenge

MLS data is an essential source of real estate opportunities. Buyers and brokers use multiple, non-standardized MLS portals with outdated user interfaces to find opportunities only to copy and paste listings to their internal system. This process is time-consuming, error-prone, and results in lost and missed opportunities.

The Solution

Delivering standardized, unified MLS data across multiple markets, delivered near-real time, seamlessly integrated with your backoffice system

Get the full back-office MLS data across multiple markets in a single, unified, RESO schema with near real-time updates. Data is seamlessly integrated into your acquisition system along with white glove contract management

Full Backoffice Data

Access to all 600+ MLS data attributes on listing, member and offices along with property photos and other media

Standardized & Unified MLS Data

Data is standardized into a RESO schema across all MLSs including unifying data discrepancies into one common format

Intelligent Search

Search across the full MLS using powerful search for your complex buyboxes including machine learning backed algorithms to help you find hidden gems

Contract Management

We manage onboarding to MLSs, handling all parts of the contracts from kickoff to completion, including one off contract changes post onboarding

Near-Real Time Updates

Time is of the essence to compete for the best opportunities. Our data is updated from one to no more than fifteen minutes from when the MLSs are updated

Backoffice Integration

Bold Listings can be integrated to any major backoffice system via our REST API or direct plugins such as our Salesforce managed package

Guaranteed Uptime with SLA

MLS listings are critical to your business. Bold Listings is built on an Enterprise grade architecture to offer you a guaranteed availability with a Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Deal Search User Interface

Bold Listings has a user interface option with a powerful saved search capability to create multiple complex buyboxes by agent and market.

Reporting & Analytics

Use Bold Listings for market analysis including who is buying what in what market and how fast

Our Value

Get near real-time access to all MLS data points you need

Best-in-class systems with modern architecture and SLA.
Integration with all major platforms.

Bold Street MLS Listing Architecture

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