Property Reports

Delivering property level reports with the critical data necessary for underwriting including sales and rental comparables.

The Challenge

Investors require detailed property data on a range of properties fitting a buybox under consideration for acquisition. The data must include key data points including tax, crime, school, flood and more. Finally, investors need to create accurate sales and rental comparables customizable to the investors’ unique criteria to define comps. Investors may review hundreds or even thousands of properties for only a few dozen offers so each property report must be fast and accessible at an affordable rate.

Standardized & Unified Property Data

MLS Data is standardized against a RESO schema and property data is unified into a single format across all markets.

Sales Comps

Sales Comps are suggested based on configurable criteria with the option to further refine based on analyst input.

Rent Comps

Rental Comps are also suggested based on configurable criteria and pulled from MLS data and public sources. Because public sources of rent data are not as available as Sales Comps, we use a proprietary algorithm to generate rent ranges.

PDF Report Download

Property Reports are available in a downloadable PDF format for sharing internally or with buyers.

Rent Performance Adjustments

Property Reports will suggest daily adjustments to a property’s listing rent price based on performance data.

Local Agent Feedback

Nothing replaces on-the-ground knowledge. Our Property Reports can be augmented by your local Bold Street Network Agent to give you data points unavailable by anyone but a local real estate professional.

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