SFR Underwriting Platform

Underwriting Platform

Find opportunities that meet your complex buyboxes, build tailored and accurate comparables, and underwrite against ARV, Cap Rates, and financing to determine whether to make an offer.

The Challenge

Investors require a tool to underwrite opportunities to understand whether to make and offer and if so for how much and at what expected return. Underwriting requires detailed property data, sales and rent comps, expected rehab costs, all compared against an investor buybox. This process can be time consuming and the more opportunities that are underwritten, the more properties a fund can buy.

Standardized & Unified Property Data

MLS Data is standardized against a RESO schema and property data is unified into a single format across all markets.

Sales Comps

Sales Comps are suggested based on configurable criteria with the option to further refine based on analyst input.

Rent Comps

Rental Comps are also suggested based on configurable criteria and pulled from MLS data and public sources. Because public sources of rent data are not as available as Sales Comps, we use a proprietary algorithm to generate rent ranges.

PDF Report Download

Property Reports are available in a downloadable PDF format for sharing internally or with buyers.

Rehab Estimator for SFR

Rehab Estimator

Analysts can select from common rehab budget amounts as well as choose granular level details from pre-configured common rehab costs such as appliances, paint, etc.

Underwriting Calculator for SFR

Underwriting Calculator

The Underwriting Calculator takes all of the inputs of property data, sales and rent comps, rehab estimations, buy box requirements, financing limitations and outputs a go/no-go decision.

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