Episode 1 of the new Bold Agent Podcast launched!


In this episode, I talk with Chuck Gollop, leader of CallUpGollop a residential team of agents spanning Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Florida.

Chuck won the “Icon” award at eXp Realty putting him in the top 3% of the 88,000 eXp agents. He is also the top producer of eXp Express Offers.

We talk about Chuck’s journey to become a realtor and how he “accidentally” fell into real estate and asserts that everyone in real estate did the same! (spoiler: so did I!)

We talk about the long-awaited “price adjustment” and how that is hitting the markets and what he sees across the 3 states he serves. Chuck shares some best practices about adjusting to the new realtor reality post NAR settlements, market inconsistencies, working with investors, adjusting for AI, and more.

Chuck shares how he started working with investors and how it helps his own team. He gives tips on how to work with investors, how to sell to them, and how to develop this “force to be reckoned with”.

Finally, Chuck shares his opinions on AI, its impact to realtors, and how to leverage the “human factor”.


Bold Street