Solving Acquisitions for Institutional Funds

Deploying capital to acquire assets has never been more challenging for the SFR institutional industry.

We leverage a combination of technology and veteran industry expertise to find working opportunities in this market whether its scattered site, BTR communities, or opportunistic portfolio aggregation.

Capital Markets

Our capital markets acquisition strategy works to first understand your buy box and target markets and then leverages our extended network of real estate professionals to find working opportunities that can be delivered within the institutional parameters.

Data APIs for SFR Investment Funds


MLS Data API: Unified, standardized, near-real time, RESO/REST API

Enterprise Service Level Agreements (SLA) to protect uptime of mission critical data

Offer Price

Rent Comps API: Current rental comps on the market screened for accuracy and spam​

Crime Data: Statistically proven predictive crime data for SFR​

Core SFR Data API: Crime, School, Flood, Median Income along with crime map overlays

SFR Market Assessment

Agent & Investor Network to increase deal flow

Our Products


MLS Listings

Near real-time, UNIfied MLS Listings

Bold MLS delivers MLS data in any market to your agents or analysts. MLS can be integrated with your back office systems via API or your team can access through our user interface. We handle contract onboarding, data changes and standardize all data points to a single RESO format schema.

Property Reports

Property data with sales & Rent comps

Property Report specific to an individual property along with sales and rent comps customized with your criteria, including adjusted rent pricing based on local rent performance.


Market Reports

Aid market entry, Discover buybox positioning

Bold Street Market Reports provide focused data to support choosing and entering a market along with what cap rates are realistic for a given buybox along with projected rent ranges.

Underwriting Platform

Find, compare, underwrite, offer

Bold Street Underwriting helps you find opportunities that meet your complex buy boxes, build tailored and accurate comparables, underwrite against ARV, Cap Rates, financing to determine whether to make an offer.

SFR Underwriting Platform
Certified Agent Network for SFR

Certified Agent Network

Local, trained and certified in SFR Buying

Power your acquisitions with the Bold Agent Network. Bold Agents are trained and certified in the intricacies of institutional SFR buying. Find the best opportunities and transact skillfully with our local agents.